Kwality Control Vol. 2 (Ready To Win) - EP

by Geri D' Fyniz

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The Kwality Control Vol. 2 (Ready To Win) project discusses the challenging yet ambitious journey an independent artist may face while in pursuit of their music career. Throughout all of the hard times or unexpected circumstances one must make up in their mind that success is the only option at the end of the day. In spite of best friends becoming enemies and the music industry being a dog eat dog world Geri D'Fyniz still delivers a true yet passionate look at what he has encountered on the never ending journey to success. Geri also showcases his versatile style of music creation ranging from the subject matter of saying a heartfelt prayer to God to finally surrendering to love. The main purpose of the project is to show the world that entertainment can be informative and displaying what makes you different is ultimately rewarding.


released December 13, 2011

All tracks were written, recorded, and produced by Geri D'Fyniz of D'Fyniz Enterprises & D'Fyniz KREATIONZ (ASCAP)

J.Gram Williams appears courtesy of Street Melody Entertainment.

Nitese Alawn appears courtesy of D'Fyniz Enterprises.

All songs were mixed and mastered by Derek "DC" Cannon of Flyy City Media Group LLC at Flyy City Studios Chicago.



all rights reserved


Geri D' Fyniz Chicago, Illinois

Geri D’ Fyniz is an American music artist, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur from Chicago, IL.

Geri is putting the finishing touches on his debut album entitled "Where Is The Lie???" and looks to continue speaking truth to power while also empowering Black people and working diligently to replace systematic white supremacy with justice.
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Track Name: Let It Beat
You know it go when you riding in ya whip...
Ya favorite song come on...Ya wanna turn it up...
Do that with this right here...
Come on...

Turn me up real loud as I speak/
So I can hear and see my decibals peak/
I want it knock real hard in the streets/
So loud I'm getting hella tickers from police/

Let my music beat

It's such an incredible feeling while I'm in the whip cruising/
The tweeters sounding extra clear and the woofers are booming/
I got the volume to the max so the mirror is moving/
And drums hit so hard you'd of thought I was shooting/
But I don't have no bad intentions just enjoy my life/
Warm weather feeling so good with the sun in the sky/
And decide to take a drive but I don't where I'm headed/
So I just follow the rode till I run out of that unleaded/
And on my speakers is my theme song/
Riding with my lean on/
And feeling extra happy so no lie I got my cheese on/
Still searching for somewhere to touchdown but if not/
I'mma steady keep it moving while I let the beat knock/
It don't matter where I go or what I end up doing/
Just as long as fill my ears with some quality music/
I can't help the way I feel guess I'm too use to it/
The beat is like my mind I'm trying not to lose it/
So turn it up/

Turn me up real loud as I speak/
So I can hear and see my decibals peak/
I want it knock real hard in the streets/
So loud I'm getting hella tickers from police/

Let my music beat
Let it beat...
Let it beat...
Let it beat...

Right now I gotta turn it down for a minute relaxing/
Cause my ears will get fatigued if it's constantly blasting/
Pulling over to the shoulder to take a sip of my soda/
Been riding for a minute/
Time to take a load off/
*Now let's go*
Now crank it back up to the top because I'm ready to go/
And switching to the fast lane cause I'm ready to role/
This music is my supplement like you ain't already know/
I put my flow in the gym/
Looks like it came out swole/
But I still don't know where I'm gonna end up/
But ain't no need to complain/
I'm still having hella fun/
Doing absolutely nothing/
Just driving switching lanes/
Gripping on the steering wheel/
While I'm boosting up gain/
I guess this day was dedicated to crusing and music playing/
Cause I honestly can say I was going anywhere/
Just wanted to hear my song with the wind in my hair/
These 808s get your attention even if you don't care/
Then add my super hero horns with a clap and hihats/
And make sure to hit the cymbals really hard as you can/
I can't help the way I feel/
Guess I'm too use to it/
The beat is like my mind I'm trying not to lose it/
So turn it up/




Track Name: By My Side
You know baby....
I need to be honest with you right now...
And share some deep thoughts...

Didn't know how far it would go when we first met/
Honestly I didn't think that we would take it pass/
A simple hello and a smile I'm really feeling your style if you have some free time maybe we can go out/
Was quite reluctant to get back into the dating scene/
Just kept my mind up on my money steady chasing dreams/
But in a dream I saw a vision of the future me/
Though quite successful was still very incomplete/
Because material things ain't gone kiss your cheek/
Make your dinner rub your back or treat you like a king/
But they might make you think that they're all you need until you get them and your still feeling empty/
Indeed so I let the guard down giving love a try/
Opened up my heart and let you right into my life/
Still I can't forget what happened on that very night/
So glad I followed my first mind/

For the rest of my life I promise to do right
As long as your by my side
Your love sincere and sweet
For all the days I'm alive
I'll always make you smile
As long as your by my side
Just keep your love with me

So we connected and have a lot of chemistry and that's because I feel God sent you here for me/
Not to mention from the start I was kind of tweaking couldn't believe somebody like you was even single/
But that ain't last long I knew that I deserved the best I mean look at my name how would it look if I settled/
I feel like we're a force to be reckoned with/
The naysayers can hate, but we don't give a ish/
And this bond that we share I don't wanna lose/
Cause I'm steady doing my part to make sure we're good/
Although we share ups and downs girl we're still moving/
Ain't nothing stopping our progress I'm just being honest/
Being your man has been a definite blessing and this relationship has taught some good lessons/
Girl your the one I want/
So tell your single friends Geri put a ring on it/
Because your my queen baby/

For the rest of my life I promise to do right
As long as your by my side
Your love sincere and sweet
For all the days I'm alive
I'll always make you smile
As long as your by my side
Just keep your love with me

Last but not least I'm hoping that you stay true keeping it all exciting like when it was new/
Cause girl I promise I'll never get comfortable or break the trust that I have set aside you/
Just please make sure that it is reciprocated and no selfish greedy actions are a part of your behavior/
I see you as an angel given to me from above/
Keep a smile on my face and feel my heart with all of your love/
And before you say a word I know I gotta do my share to show you that you're safe and that I truly care/
My number one job is to keep you happy and I'll put in overtime satisfaction guaranteed/
I'm focused on the future don't care about the past/
I wiped away your tears and replaced them with a laugh/
I think you're too important just to have my back/
So baby girl come and pick a side the right or the left

For the rest of my life I promise to do right
As long as your by my side
Your love sincere and sweet
For all the days I'm alive
I'll always make you smile
As long as your by my side
Just keep your love with me
Track Name: Haterville ft. J.Gram Williams
Gotta stay on your grind everyday I know ya tryna to make it/
You gotta keep your hustle strong ain't no time for playing/
When you're in Haterville...Haterville
They don't want you to shine they want you clapped with that nine/
Because they're jealous of you you gotta fight to survive/
When you're in Haterville...Haterville...Haterville

I guess ya out ya mind when ya see a n***a grind/
27 all day how ya see a n***a grind/
Back on the hustle even in the winter time/
But my city is a trip and them haters come in line/
Single file at a time if you talking bout mine/
And I don't understand how ya n***s get the time/
If ya talk about h*s man all I talk is money/
I never get full I'mma always stay hungry/
And I keep a bad chick/
A 1 looking stunting while them haters over there side talking while I'm stunting/
But they softer than a muffin/
Won't say it to my face/
And even if they have the balls/
I'll probably punch em in they face/
N***a please I'mma G and I know about stacks/
Group of n***s keep hating why I'm tryna get that/
Haterville is the city/
Only place you get that/
But I pay em no mind/
I recline and kick back/


You might've thought this was a city full of love in the sky/
But I'mma really tell you people how it go in the CHI/
Where lazy suckers are living/
It's carzy how they are killing/
And steady hating each other because the money they getting/
No kidding/
Ridiculous how they treat us at home/
We steady slept on and have to leave are state to be known/
It don't matter how good you flow them people at radio/
Are full of more bull**** than a toilet bowl/


I don't care for your respect/
I'm just focused on a check/
A lot of people talking business but really ain't doing s**t/
A lot of people talking money still really ain't getiing it/
Suckers claiming they the boss but riding other people's d**K/
And I tried to be a nice guy but now I'mma be a prick/
Tried to do a feature with you to give you ya first hit/
But ya full of ya self so I'mma bring you down a bit/
The reason folks don't feel ya rhymes cause you really can't spit/
It really went to ya head that BS that you write/
You put ya stuff on Facebook and got a couple of likes/
Got a couple followers and started thinking you nice/
But never did a real show all you do is open mics/
After that night we forgot who you were/
Your feelings were hurt/
Out of all the garbage rappers you most def are the worst/
And I know you are so mad and probably hating me/
But um I am that fire so don't play with me/
At all/

Track Name: Take Me Away
It's kind of hard some times you know you gotta confess what you feeling...
I'm crying out for you...
I don't know what to do...

A daily fight is what I'm seeing in life/
I'm good at doing wrong/
But struggle with doing right/
I'm taught I should forgive/
So why do I feel strife/
And though I'm not supposed to yield temptation is what I like/
It's crazy my heart hurts/
But on the outside/
I'm forced to wear a disguise/
And really can't show the signs/
Of a person that needs help/
So I compromise my own feelings/
Steady keeping them on the inside/
Feeling like nobody even cares whether I live or die/
I know death is guaranteed but in my hood it multiplies/
It's sad a full like to some people is 25/
Whether they're sitting in a cell or just gone before their time/
In my mind I try to escape what I view through my eyes/
But still end up at a place where I break down and cry/
With tears deeper than the water on the lake shore drive/
Wish I could take off like a plane/
Flying high in the sky/
And leave the drama behind that's always bringing me down/
They say it's easy to smile/
But it's like I don't know how cause sunshine is hidden behind all of the rain clouds/
Can't wait to make it to heaven/
Feels like I'm in hell now/
On my knees saying loud that I'm ready for change/
Cause I'm so sick and tired of living life this way/
As your humble servant God I pray/
Open your windows and send a million blessings my way/

I'm crying out for you...
I don't know what to do...
Please save me from this pain...
Oh Lord take me away...

It's so hard without somebody in your corner/
Your peers against you/
And fears convince you/
To not trust anyone/
Cause you trained yourself to think that everybody somehow is the same anyway/
And I can't be a people pleaser/
Wasn't created that way/
Since I exude confidence/
People constantly say that I'm arrogant and won't get far if I act that way/
But I blame my attitude on you cause that's how I was created/
Made me the warrior I am/
And that goes without saying/
Tryna be the best man that I can/
But people still keep on hating/
It's a good thing that I'm living life for me/
In spite of all the people/
That got me under scrutiny/
Their words will never cause me harm/
Cause I'm far from weak/
I'm just tryna keep my cool before I knock out their teeth/
And that's another reason God that I'm making this plea/
I pray the temper that I have doesn't get me in trouble/
And another thing while I'm traveling up in the streets/
Protect me from all danger that I can see/
Even keep me from what I can't cause I know that your able/
If I have to protect myself/
Give me the strength you gave David/
On my knees saying loud that I'm ready for change/
Cause I'm so sick and tired of living life this way/
As your humble servant God I pray/
Open your windows and send all your favor my way/


Despite of all my backsliding or habits of lying/
You've never let me suffer/
Always came to my rescue/
Even in the bad times/
I was living so reckless/
You kept on shining ya light/
And were my constant protection/
Through all my life lessons/
Without a question/
I knew my help came from you Lord/
Without guessing/
So as you helped me many times before/
Keeping your love with me/
Is all I'm asking for/

Track Name: Slow Dance ft. Nitese Alawn
Girl your dressed to kill
Looking super fine
I want to enjoy you so much tonight
See you caught my eye
With your sexyness
I can feel the love all in the sky

I wanna be with you
And do what you want to
Girl I'm ready to give you what you need
She looked at me and she said

She really wanna slow dance...
So I can hold her closely...
She really wanna slow dance...
Until she ready for me...
She really wanna slow dance...
So I can hold her closely...
I love to feel the groove and the mood...
When we slow dance, slow dance

She said she's been waiting for me all night long
And the DJ's playing her favorite song
Said I like it too
It's so nice and smooth
Babygirl can I share this night with you



Baby just hold me...
Just hold me...
Just hold me...
While we dance to this music so slowly

Track Name: Wit Me ft. J.Gram Williams
Ha ha…yeah
Geri you crazy for this one man
Geri D’Fyniz

Go ahead and trick your dough
Cause your girl wanna be wit me
You can buy her shoes and clothes
She gone take em off when she wit me
While you’re steady going broke
And not balling like you think
I really think you should know
That your girls headed home wit me

He frontin with his money flashing hundreds at the bar now/
All in shorty face now he bragging bout his car now/
Say he pop tags hundred grand at the mall now/
Why this n***a playing he just talking out his ass/
And shorty ain’t buying this/
Millionaire talk longer than a Pace bus/
Tricking all his money Louis B Mac makeup/
When he ain’t home I’m just messing up her makeup/
All in her bed sheets/
Loving how she beg me/
Singing falsetto saying/
Give it to me daddy/
But I ain’t flashed a dollar/
And I ain’t make it rain for her/
Swag so official got her wetter than a rain forest/
Wetter than a rain forest/
Yeah wetter than a rain forest/
But it wasn’t good enough to make me pay for it/
Damn and only lame n****s pay for it/
And shorty really is a pimp cause you paid for it/


Why do they put on a front/
Because they tryna makeup/
For what they lacking a bit/
Steady bragging an ish/
Still she doesn’t budge/
She knows what she wants/
And I know what she needs/
Trick your dough/
She going home with me/

Now that I came in the spot/
All the girls on me/
I ain’t have to spend a dime/
All my drinks are free/
And I don’t brag about my clothes/
Or my whip or my ice/
But I’m so got dang fine/
All the girls look twice/
Cuz dey know dem otha dudes straight lames/
Yes Sir/
Tryna get at girls with that wack game/
Don’t work/
Cause ya stuntin and its funny/
Blowin all your rent money/
And in the morning ya know ya gonna be broke/
To all the dudes that do that/
I ain’t calling you wack/
Matter fact/
Yes I am cause only fools do that/
I only deal wit dem ladies independent in the brain/
Trickin out my cash/
Sounds really insane/
And I’d rather not do that/
But if you do/
Do what you do if you think it’s smooth/
But all that caking is outdated/
Ladies making they own paper/
And they can spend it on me/

(Hook) 2x

Tricking your dough…
Spending all your cash…
While I got your girl…
Bout to give me some that good ol…You Know…
Track Name: B.A.M. (By All Means)
It's ya man Geri D'Fyniz...
By All Means I'mma get it all...
See when you got that mind set of...You gotta get it
Gotta win no matter what the cost...
Nothing will stop you

The way I feel about my life is that I gotta get what's mine/
Even if it's the farthest things I can see with my eyes/
I have always been the type of person to exhibit true greatness/
Never content with consolation/
I deserve the top prize/
And it's amazing how stagnation never made it into my brain/
My proper planning and preparation have led me to greater things/
But even skilled minds might have to switch a lane/
Cause when detour signs go up you have to adapt to the changes/
I've seen crazy situations and many complications try hard to bury my spirit and tell me that I couldn't make it/
But by knowing how strong my faith is and God giving me patience/
I'm ready for what I'm owed and no longer am I waiting/
Time is long overdue and I have so much to get/
Keeping my mind up in focus and deleting BS/
I have a purpose to fullfill so I can not quit/
And success is on my mind so I'mma get it/

In spite of hardtimes
Still I gotta press on
No fear in my heart
Cause I gotta stay stong
Tomorrow ain't promised
So the hardest I go
I don't care what it takes
I'm achieving my goals

I feel like BAM
By All Means I'mma get it all..
Gotta win no matter what the cost...
With my hands I...
Reach and grab for...
All the things that I ever want

I've seen only humble beginnings since I came in existence/
So my appreciation level is high as Egypt pyramids/
Wasn't born with a silver spoon/
As a shorty I had a gig/
Cause my Mom made sure she raised responsible kids/
And being giving those types of wits made me into a businessman/
So all the lyrics I spit will get me plenty dividends/
I always value the most what I can do for myself/
I guess that's how I truely show that I am independent/
Each single thing that I learned about the music biz/
Was because someone I knew was on some send off ish/
When it comes to getting money many snakes start rattling/
But I know how to get rid of them just call me Samuel L/
I know the journey is a challenge and ambition will win it/
Along with heart and dedication and I have to stay committed/
It don't matter what I go through/
Never ever will I give up/
It's gonna be a fight to the finish/



Whatever it is man...
Now is not the time to wait...
Now is the time to make...
You gotta make it happen yourself...
Cause if you're waiting for tomorrow...Next week...Next month...Next year...
It's never gonna happen...
You gotta have that By All Means Necessary attitude...
You gotta take everything you want...
Go for everything you need...
Don't stop at no cost...
Just got get it man...